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The displacement (in centimeters) of a particle moving back and forth along a straight line is given by the equation of motion s= 2 sin pi t + 3 cos pi t, where t is measured in seconds.

(a) Find the average velocity during each time period:

(ii) [1,1.1]
(iii) [1, 1.01]
(iv) [1, 1.001]

(b) Estimate the instantaneous velocity of the particle when t=1.

Can someone please help me with this question, the trig functions have me confused. Please and thanks again.

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    PUt in the times given, first the final time,then calculate position, then put in the initial time, and calculate position.

    avg velocity=(finalposition-initialposition)/timeduration

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    but how do we treat the cos and sin...just input them like that into the calculator or use radians?

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    and also for (b) is the answer -2pi

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    i got -3 for all part a can anyone verify that answer please

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