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Homework Help: macroeconomics

Posted by Ella on Tuesday, September 23, 2008 at 5:08pm.

Year - 2000
Nominal GDP: 9,817
Real GDP: ___________
GDP Deflator: 1
Inflation 2.2
Real GDP Per capita: _________
Population 283.7

Year 2001
Nominal GDP: ________
Real GDP: 9,891
GDP Deflator: _________
Inflation 2.4
Real GDP Per capita: _________
Population 286.6

Year 2003
Nominal GDP: _________
Real GDP: __________
GDP Deflator: 1.04
Inflation: __________
Real GDP Per capita: 37,450
Population: 289.5

Calculate the missing Data

Ok soo.. i think i figured out the first row, For the first one I got 9,817 for Real GDP and 34.60 for real GDP per capita but im stuck with the others

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