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Homework Help: Calorimetry

Posted by Sarah on Tuesday, September 23, 2008 at 1:53am.

A calorimeter contains 21.0 mL of water at 12.0 degress Celsius. When 2.40g of X (a substance with a molar mass of 50.0 g/mol ) is added, it dissolves via the reaction
X(s)+H2O(l) --> X (aq)

and the temperature of the solution increases to 29.5 degress celsius.
Calculate the enthalpy change, H , for this reaction per mole of X .

Assume that the specific heat and density of the resulting solution are equal to those of water [4.18 J/(g* degress celsius and 1.00 g/mL ] and that no heat is lost to the calorimeter itself, nor to the surroundings.

Express your answer numerically in kilojoules per mole.

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