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Posted by Vana on Monday, September 22, 2008 at 9:47pm.

A 20.00 ml stock sample of HBr is diluted to 50 mL. If 18.76 ml of 0.1345 M KOH was required to reach the equivalence point, what is the concentration of the stock HBr solution?

Is my answer correct?

Titration problems can be solved with the MV=MV equation. The Molarity * Volume of one solution = the Molarity * Volume of the other solution.

In this case, I think the volume it's diluted to is throw away info meant to confuse you. You neutralized 20mL of stock solution with some water added to it. The water doesn't matter. So throw out that 50mL number.

So (???M)*(20mL) = (0.1345M)*(18.76mL)

The HBr is 0.1262M

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