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I am having trouble rounding numbers for example 67.935 and i have to round it to the tenths, hundreths,and whole

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    Look at the next number to the right. If it is more than 5, add 1 to the digit you are rounding. If it is less than 5, keep the digit as is. For example,
    67.937 (not the same as your number).
    tenths means the 9.
    So we look to the right, see a 3, it is less than 5 so we leave the 9 as is and the number rounded to the nearest tenth is 67.9.
    hundredths means the 3.
    So we look to the right, it is a 7, that is more than 5, so the 3 becomes a 4 and the answer is 67.94.
    The nearest whole number is the 7. We look to the right, see a 9, the 9 is greater than 5 so the 7 becomes and 8 and the answer is 68. I didn't give a rule when the number to the right is a 5 (as in your problem) but if that is the case, you round to the EVEN number. That means a 3 becomes a 4 but a 2 stays the same. I can give you a site on the internet if you would like one.

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