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Can u please help me with this..this is my sons 6th grade work and im pulling my hair out..i would like to know how to do it so he does not think or his teacher that im an idiot...

Thank You So Much

-The mystery # is a decimal..
-The digit in the 1's place is less then then digit in 10th place..
-No 2 digits are the same..
-The number is less than the # of years in a century...
-The digit in the 10th place is less than the digit in the 1000's...
-There are 2 digits in the whole part..
-There are 5 digits all together...
-The sum of the digits is 20....
-No digit is odd...
-The product of the digits in the ones place and the 100th is zero...
-The sum of the digits in the ones place and the 100th is two...
-The number is greater than 5 dozen...
-The sum of the digits in the decimal part of the # is the same as the digits in the whole part of the number.
-The product of the digits in the 10ths place and the 1000's is equal to 2 dozen...
-The product if the digits in the 100's place and the tens place is zero..

-What is the mystery # ________

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    Hi nikol,

    The answer to this problem is : 82.406
    The method is quite difficult to explain here but it is a logical type of thinking involved. Most of the data you need is within the question but it's a matter of sifting what you need out!

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    mystery number is 82.406 =)

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    the # is 82.406 =)

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    I am a number between 10 and can add 2 to me and get the number that Is the sum of 7 and 9

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