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calculus - what is the derivative?

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Let f(x) = 2x^2 + 1

a. Find the derivative f' of f.
b. Find an equation ofthe tangent line to the curve at the point (1,3).
c. Sketch the graph of f.

*Can someone please help me? I have been trying to do my homework for some time now and I am stuck on this problem. I do not even understand what question 1a. is asking. What does f' of f refer to???

i know how to do part B....

I do not know how to do part C -

any help would be great!!! :)

  • calculus - what is the derivative? -

    I find it hard to understand that somebody who is studying Calculus would ask this question, and I don't know where to begin to give you an answer.

    This is as basic as it can get in terms of first year Calculus.

    Did you walk into the wrong math class, and I am not being facicious here.

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