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wow...Phys...this has me COMPLETELY clueless

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it is a projectile motion question i just can't seem to figure out

A ball is shot from the ground into the air. At a height of 9.1 m, its velocity is observed to be v = 7.6i + 6.1j m/s

To what maximum height does the ball reach?

the answer is suppose to be 11m

  • wow...Phys...this has me COMPLETELY clueless -

    The vector velocity component that goes with the "j" unit vector is the vertical component. At 9.1 m height, the ball will rise until the vertical component becomes zero. That additional height H can be obtained from energy considerations:
    g H = (1/2)(6.1 m/s)^2
    which tells you that
    H = 1.9 m

    Add that to 9.1 m for the answer.

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