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Homework Help: Science & Art - Gr 12

Posted by Josh on Monday, September 15, 2008 at 5:37am.

Note : All feedback will be greatly appreciated!

Hey guys, thanks for the help earlier on about the "invisibility cloak".

Anyway, I'm interested to know how one would go about generating a fairly independant sphere / ball of pure plasma / electric energy suspended in mid air / moving through space. Say, with a 50mm radius from the core, and which would die / dissipate in less than a minute. An energy bullet, one could say.

Do you know of an apparatus? Or, could you explain this theoretically?

Pardon my poor physics, but here is some of my theory- Feel free to correct it! :

1. Mechanisms that generate other mechanisms need to also generate / connect those mechanisms to a permanent / temporary source of energy. The topic of discussion deals with a Parent Mechanism that runs off of a permanent source of energy that generates other Child Mechanisms that run off of a temporary source of energy.
2. These child mechanisms / spheres of energy all have an EMC (Electro Magnetic Core), which acts in the same way as a motor, engine or dynamo. A core that promotes rotation and generates a fair amount of energy.
3. These child mechanisms / spheres also have a crust / cloak of rotating energy on the outside of the core.
4. The EMC helps maintain rotation and energy in the cloak, but both the Cloak and EMC are generated by the Parent Mechanism. And a fair amount of rotation and energy is injected into the child mechanisms before they function independantly off of their own rotation and energy.
5. These child mechanisms / spheres of electricity can be ejected / shot from the parent unit like a gun.
6. Every second after the child mechanism's creation, the EMC weakens causing the Cloak to also weaken. When the EMC dissapears, so will the cloak.
7. At 100% EMC and 100% Cloak capacity these child mechanisms have a similar effect as a titanium blade that spins in all directions...

Now, do you have any feedback? For instance, is this possible? Do I need to overlook a few things?

For surety, I don't know the physics behind this EMC I have invisioned, or this cloak or this mechanism. I'm sure I could try figure something out, but it would be very novice in approach.

I'm not asking you to do my homework, just need some feeback, and direction.

Thanks for reading,

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