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Posted by kyle on Saturday, September 13, 2008 at 8:17pm.

Hi i need help with these last 5 questions

1. When the diplomats met to negotiate the treaty ending the Revolutionary War, the process was
a. quick and easy, combat had already settled all the important issues
b. slow and painful, because the britsh could not admit that they had lost
c. slow and difficult becuse the other countries fighting britiain were willing to sacrifice the intersts of the americans to their own objectives
d.quick and easy becuse the briitsh were willing to agree to anything to obtain peace

I think the answer is C

2. the chief reason for the repeal of the townshend acts was the:
a. fear that the colonists would rebel
b. successful non importation carried on by the colonists
c. promise of the colonists to vote against taxes
d. support given by the colonists to the king
e. parliament wished to counteract the effects of Common Sense

I think the answer is A

3. The boston tea party was a demonstration of the opposition of colonial merchants to:
A. the high tax on tea
b. the importation of tea from england
c. the high tarrifs imposed by england on the colonists
d. high prices charged by the british east india company
e. british restriction on the distribution and sale of tea

I think the answer is B

4. the absence of effective action by Congress on the question of domest dembt left the matter to be dealt with by the sate governments. Their solution was to:
a. take no action at all
b. seize the property of foriegn national and sell it in order to raise revenue
c. raise taxes on property owners
d. reduce tax rates in order to stimulate the economy

I think the answer Is D

5. Jefferson's delclartion of independence of july 4, 1776"
a. achieve the official break with britain
b. was technically unnecessary for indepedence
c. presented both sides with reasonable fairness
d. was inspired by the french declaration of the rights of man

I think the answer is A

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