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5) A freight train leaves a station traveling at 32 km/h. Two hours later, a passenger train leaves
the same station traveling in the same direction at 52 km/h. How long does it takes the passenger
train to catch up to the freight train?

Its a basic question but i never understood this kind of problem

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    the distance traveled is the same

    set them equal, solve for time.

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    I think i may have found out the right answer but a little different then you did. Can you check this and tell me if im right pls?
    I got 3.2 hours as my answer.

    the way i did it was more of drawing it out then eqaution.
    when the 2nd train starts the 1st is already 64km away. Every hour after that the 2nd train catches up 20km.

    From there i divided 64/20 which is 3.2.

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