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I have read all my material regarding how to try and figure out how to use Chebyshev Theorem. I even email my teacher and to no avail, I need your help in how to work this problem out step by step.

A nationwide test taken by high school sophomores and juniors has three sections, each scored on a scale of 20 to 80 . In a recent year, the national mean score for the writing section was 48.0 , with a standard deviation of 10.0 . Based on this information, complete the following statements about the distribution of the scores on the writing section for the recent year.

A. According to Chebyshe's Theorem, at least __? (56% or 75% or 84%, or 89%) of the scores lie between 28.0 and 68.0.

b. According to Chevyshev's theorem, at least 36% of the scores lie betwen ___ and ___. (Round your answer to 1 deciaml place.)

C. Suppose that the distribution is bell-shaped. According to empiriacal rule, approximately 99.7% of the scores lie between __ and __.

D. Suppose that the distrubion is bell shaped. According to the empiriacal rule approximately __(68% or 75%or 95% or 99.7%) of the scores lie between 28.0 and 68.0%

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