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Math urgent

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explain how to compute the xy term of the product (3x-4y)^2?
if possible with solution please.... its urgent

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    (3x-4y)² = (3x-4y)(3x-4y)

    To get the xy term, just multiply each term in the first bracket by each term in the second, and add together all the terms in xy that you find. You should get...

    9x² - 12xy - 12xy + 16y².

    So just add the two xy terms together.

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    thanks so much!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    You could use FOIL (first, outer,inner last) giving what David Q. said
    You could use the distributive property
    (amounts to the same thing really)
    3x(3x-4y) -4y(3x-4y)
    that makes it clear that the xy terms ar
    -12xy-12xy = -24xy
    which we already knew of course.

  • Math urgent -

    thanks so much!!!!!!!!!

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