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T/F I'm a little cunfused on the translation(s)

generalmente se prohibe entregar el trabajo a tiempo en el colegio

cuando hay 31 estudiantes y solo 30 asientos alguien no se puede sentar

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    I think it says this:

    generally one prohibits to deliver the work on time in the school

    when there are 31 students and only 30 seats anybody cannot sit down

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    I need it re worded b/c these sentences don't make a whole lot of sense. I know what it basically says buy not enough to answer true or false.

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    The first one is false because turning in your work on time is encouraged not prohibitted. The second one is true because if there are only thirty desks for thirty-one students then somebody will be without a seat unless someone else brings in an extra chair.

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    Thank you for using the Jiskha Homework Help Forum. It says: "Generally, turning the work in on time in high school (el colegio is a fake friend = it does NOT mean college but high school) is prohibited. (false) When there are 31 students and only 30 seats, someone can not sit down. (true)


    It's not as bad as the class I had with 46 students and 30 desks! I had students on my desk, in my chair, on the floor and when we invited the principal to visit he tripped over the young man sitting in the doorway with his legs stretched across the door! We quickly got another class!

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