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Mascot: Number:
Bisons 17
Cougars 4
Huskies 18
Knights 32
Other 3

a. About how many students would vote for the Huskies if the entire student body of 1600 voted? About how many would vote for the Knights?

b. Suppose the students surveyed were in the spanish club. Do you think the results of the survey would fairly represent the student body? (Can you please explain to me how you get the answer.)

c. How could you survey a part of the student population that would fairly represent all students? (I need 2 examples please.)
Thank you.

  • Math -

    If I understand your problem, only 74 students voted.

    17/74 = about 23%
    23% of 1600 = 368

    a. You can follow the pattern above to answers these questions.

    b. Undoubtedly only a very small percentage of the student body belongs to the Spanish club. These people are interested in Spanish language and culture and do not fairly represent the students in this school.

    c. One way to accurately survey the student population would be to take an alphabetical list and survey each 20th person.
    What is another way you could do this?

    We'll be glad to check your answers.

  • Math -

    a. Huskies: 18/74=about 24%
    24% of 1600=384
    Knights: 32/74=about 43%
    43% of 1600=688
    So far am I correct?

  • Math -

    Yes. You are right. :-)

  • Math -

    Is drawing students names out of a hat a good example?
    Which type of sample is it?
    Simple random sample
    Systematic random sample Voluntary response sample
    Convenience sample
    Or Stratified random sample.
    Thank you.

  • Math -

    Drawing student names from a hat is another good example.

    Isn't that a simple random sample?

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