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Hello. It's the beginning of the school year, and I've quite forgotten what I learned in Pre-Algebra...The question in the text book is this :

Simplify each pair of expressions.

1. 36 - 8 ÷ 2

(36 - 8) ÷ 2

There are several problems like the one above. Under the same set of directions, though, some problems look like this :

7. 3(9+2) - 8


With only one problem.

So, what am I supposed to do?

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    And, once that's answered, the next set of directions don't make sense to me either.

    Evaluate each expression for a = 3, b= 7, c = 4.

    13. a(2b-c)


    Does evaluate just mean...Answer?

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    I believe that I understand the directions, now. Thank you though. It'd odd - Jiskha homework help used to work so much more quickly, in past years. I wonder what happened. Anyways, thanks again, and good luck with the other questions.

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    This is a holiday weekend and many of our tutors are on vacation. Also the new hurricane has driven at least one of them out of his home.

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    Under the first two, do the operations in the correct order: Parentheisis, multiply, divide, add subtrract.

    So on the first

    36 - 8 ÷ 2, do the divide first:
    36-4 then the subtract.

    This will be a quite a different answer from the second.

    Yes, on the last, it means evaluate.

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    Alright. I apologize for my rudeness. Thank you.

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    15- n when n=9

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