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I don't understand this question?

What is the maximum amount in grams of SO3 that can be produced by the reaction 1.0 g of S with 1.0 g of O2

EQUATION: 2 S(s) +3 O2(g)--->2 SO3(g)

The choices are:
A) 3.8
B) 2.5
C) 0.27
D) 1.7

Shouldn't it be 2.0, or am I forgetting to do something

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    lets make it 100 g each..

    moles S=100/32=3.33
    moles O2=100/32=3.22

    Rebalance the equation to

    2/3 S+ O2 >> 2/3 SO3
    so for each 3.33 moles of O, one needs 2/3(3.33) or 2.22 moles S, and gets 2.22 moles SO3 In this case, one has excess unreacted S.

    2.22 moles SO3 will have a mass of
    2.22*(32+3*16)=2.2*80=176 grams

    Now scale that to 1/100, and you have it. Notice that I rounded a lot, you need to do it more accurately.

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