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Posted by Sahil on Sunday, August 24, 2008 at 11:53am.

Question: Is censorship sometimes justified?

At the start of every TV show here in the United States, a giant box displaying a couple of letters in bold print who up on the upper left hand corner of the screen. This serves as a warning to wary parents of content that my not be suitable for their children. This is an indirect form of censorship and can be justified. I firmly believe that censorship can be justified and this can be seen in American movies and through the actions of the Chinese government.

Movies shown in America don't necessarily have content that can be suitable to children. Certain laws have been put in place censoring inappropriate material under the benchmark rating of PG-13. For example, any movies hat have even a single scene of an actor smoking or drinking. This type of censorship is beneficial to the general population. It helps keep negatively influential content away from children of young ages.

The Chinese government has employed a different form of censorship than American movies, taking more of a direct approach. The government has withstood fierce criticism a they continually filter their newspapers, internet and media to be free of propaganda. The Chinese government commits these actions in good faith they seek to preserve their cultural identity. China has been marred with a very unstable history over the past thousand years, so the undertaking to preserve cultural identity, stability and stimulate growth through censorship is entirely justified.

In today's day and age, measures taken to protect the welfare of the population should not be condemned. Instead they should be lauded, and censorship is one of many prime examples.

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