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Maths - Reciprocals

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I'm having some troubles. I can't think of an example to this question.

Give an exmaple of a quadratic whose reciprocal has no vertical asymptotes

I think it's 1/x^2. The question says vertical asymptotes so I'm assuming they mean there will only be one. But I don't think I'm right.

  • Maths - Reciprocals -

    Consider the quadratic function
    f(x) = x^2 + 5

    the reciprocal function would be g(x) = 1/(x^2 + 5)

    there is no real number which would make the denominator zero, the condition for vertical asymptotes.

    So there is your example, there would be countless of others

  • Maths - Reciprocals -

    Thank you.

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