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Math (Algebra II)

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I'm trying to finish up my summer math packet, and I'm almost done, but I'm having trouble figuring out this one:

"Divide and simplify these expressions."

(3x^4 - 2x^3 + 16x - 192)
(x^2 - 8)

so, that's 3x to the 4th, minus 2x cubed, plus 16x, minus 192 ---> all divided by x squared, minus 8

I'm checking w/ my textbook and other algebra sites to brush up on the principles, but I'm still having trouble with this one, so I'd appreciate any thoughts -thanks

  • Math (Algebra II) -

    you are doing "long algebraic division"

    make sure you left a space for the missing x^2 term or insert 0x^2 in its place

    I got it to divide exactly, and my answer is
    3x^2 - 2x + 24

    It is hard to show the algorith in this forum, but here is a nice webpage to show you how to do it

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