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I needed help with these problems:

1.Charles wants to dig a rectangular flower bed which is twice as long as it is wide. Let x be the number in feet in width.
If you are given a width for the rectangle, would you evaluate the expression or write an equation and solve in order to find the length?

2.Paul normally spends about 45 cents more on his lunch than his friend Stephanie.
a.Define a variable for the amount Paul spends on lunch.

3.There are 5280 feet in a mile. Change 900 feet per minute t miles per hour. Round the answer to the nearest one-hundredth.

4. Write 24 5/12 as a decimal.

  • Algebra - ,

    1. equation - 2x = The Length

    2. Let X be what Stephanie eats so X + 45 is what Paul spends

    3. 58.667 miles per hour


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