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Posted by Sahil on Monday, August 18, 2008 at 10:34pm.

Question: Do you agree with the statement that figures of authority tend to abuse their power?

Government entities and rulers of the general population consistently mark history with periods of unrestrained, unchecked and abusive reigns. Literature has reflected this belief in may works. I believe that symbols of authority continually abuse their power and we must look no farther than Mugabe's elections in Zimbabwe and George Orwell's 1984.
The election that took place in Zimbabwe boiled down between current president Mugabe opposition leader Tsvagirai. The first open and free election in years, prospects looked hopeful to Zimbabwe's population. A feeling of true freedom and democracy gripped the nation but Mugabe's authoritarian rule put an end to it all. One Mugabe lost the elections, he canceled the results, called for a new elections to be held and instead of risking the chance of defeat, he took steps to ensure his victory. Employing gangs to terrorize anyone who opposed him, fear gripped the country. Opposition supporters were beaten to the brink of death and in fear for their lives, the population re-elected Mugabe. Abusing his power, Mugabe still stands today.
Winston Smith's life can be compared to that of an opposition supporter in Zimbabwe As the main character in Orwell's 1984, he lies in a dystopian society controlled by by an oppressive and authoritarian government whose hegemonic power seems infinite. In an attempt to retaliate against the government, he tries to secretly fulfill his iinnermost desires but is apprehended and nearly tortured to death. This abuse of power robs him of his chance at freedom and a real life.
Both history and literature have shown their story of abuses of power, a folly of human nature. The patterns will continue and the true victory will be for those who come out standing.

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