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does anyone know the general form equation of a circle with a center (4,5) that passes through (-1,2)

...and just checking, would the standard form equation be:
(-1+4)^2 + (2+5)^2 = 58

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    No, the general equation would involve x and y variables. First get the radius of the circle from the distance between th center and the other point. That distance is
    R = sqrt[4 -(-1)]^2 + (5-2)^2] = sqrt 34

    The equation is
    (x-x')^2 + (y-y')^2 = 34

    where x' and y' are the coordinates of the center, 4 and 5.

    (x-4)^2 + (y-5)^2 = 34

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    so the general form equation is
    (x-4)^2 + (y-5)^2 = 34 ?
    then what is the standard form?

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    General and standard form mean the same thing to me. The equation I wrote is for the specific circle that the problem asked for.

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