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on this chart i'm trying to figure out what is content and what is the purpose my situation is In this scenario, assume the role of a student. You have read assignment details in your
course syllabus, but you are still unsure what to do. Think about how you would approach
your instructor versus how you would approach a classmate to receive more information
about the assignment. I have everything else figure out I just need help with these two
Audience Tone Content
Instructor Message

Classmate Message

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    What chart?

    What two ____??


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    The way that I would approach a classmate or a friend about a question with an assignment may be more relaxed then if I were going to communicate with an instructure. i do not know what chart you are speaking of but I do know that this is the correct answer to this question. The way that you may communicate with you mother and teacher could be different than with classmates and friends. Professional communication and relaxed more slack language are used in different kinds of enviorments.

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    With either, I would outline specific points in which the syllabus is confusing. Especially with the instructor, you can say, "I am clear up to the point where..., but...." Defintely you should phrase the questions in terms of your ability to understand rather than the instructor's writing ability.

    As an instructor, I want my syllabus to be as clear as possible, but I cannot always take into account unique interpretations of what I have written. If instructions are confusing to one student, they may be confusing to others. If this is likely, I will announce what I actually want in the current class and change the syllabus for the next semester.

    With a classmate, you could be more depreciating of the instructor's clarity in giving instructions. However, another classmate's interpretation might be as confused as yours or in error.

    When you have a question about any communication, it is typically most productive to go to the source of the communication.

    Do you have any questions about what I have written?

    I hope this helps. Thanks for asking.

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