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In "Pygmalion" by Act IV how has the relationship between Higgins and Liza changed?

A)Liza is working for Higgins= no

B)Liza and Higgins have confessed they have love for one another= maybe. I know he said he loved her but I don't know if she recipricated.

C)Liza is not affraid to stand up to Higgins= true

D)both B and C

because I'm not so sure about B I'm going with C

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    I guess its D from this:

    "I'm sorry. I'm only a common ignorant girl; and in my station I have to be carefull. There can't be any feelings between the like of you and the like of me. Please will you tell me what belongs to me and what doesnt?"

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    I think you are right with your C. Remember the "beau" Freddy. We never hear from Eliza about her "feelings".

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    KOol sounds good 2 me

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