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Critical Analysis

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Why and how could you apply critical thinking when evaluating each of the folloing: Articles, Advertising, Media Conversations.

  • Critical Analysis -

    When evaluating articles, I will apply critical thinking skills by focusing on key points like: Is the author of the article biased? Does the background of the author lead to conclusions concerning the article?
    If I have to evaluate advertising, critical thinking will enable me think carefully to avoid making spur-of-the-moment decisions. I will ask for sufficient background information concerning the product that is being advertised.
    My evaluation of media reports will be highly influenced by critical thinking because we need to be critical in what the media tells us. I would want to know what the ideology is behind the story.
    When evaluating conversations, I will listen for the tone that the speaker uses to know if they are honest.

  • Critical Analysis -

    Make sure you're clear on what critical thinking is.

    Think and ask questions about everything; don't take anything for granted; etc., etc.

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