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A rectangular swimming pool is twice as long as it is wide. A small walkway surrounds the pool. The walkway is a constant 2 feet wide and has an area of 196 square feet. Find the dimensions of the pool.: *

  • algebra -

    call the width w
    then the length is 2w
    then the total width including the walkway on each side is (w+4)
    and the length including the walkway on each end is
    We are told that the total area including the walkway minus the area of the pool itself is 196 ft^2
    (2w+4)(w+4) - 2w^2 = 196
    2 w^2 + 12 w + 16 - 2 w^2 = 196
    You can take it from there I think

    I get 15 by 30

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