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These excerpts are from a topic outline.
Which one uses parallel construction in the subpoints?
A. Goals
1.Traveling through Europe
2.Earning a degree
3.To start my own business
B. Goals
1.Building my own log cabin in Vermount
2.I want to visit every major league
baseball stadium
3.Inventing something useful
C. Goals
1.To do more volunteer work
2.To read a book every month
3.To learn how to play an instrument
D. Goals
1.I want to keep my room neat.
2.I plan to save enough money for my
TO pay of my credit card bills
Answer :D

  • english -

    The only choice that uses parallel constructions is C.

    The three choices all begin with an infinitive (to + verb).

    Choice D. has two choices that begin with "I," but the third choice begins with an infinitive.

  • english -

    Which one of following sentences uses pronouns correctly? A: Please give Paul and I your undivided attention. B: jacob and me are going to set a meeting date. C: Carol told Sylvia and he the good news. D: Send the package to Tanya and him.

  • english -

    sen the package to Tanya and him

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