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what is the subject,verb,and complement in the following sentence...has the planning committee announced the date of the school carnival?

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    First, turn the sentence around and make it a statement:

    The planning committee has announced the date of the school carnival.

    The verb is has announced.

    To find the subject, ask, "Who has announced?"

    The find the complement, ask "What has it announced?"

    We'll be glad to check your answers.

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    I know what these parts of this sentence are, but the assignment asks if YOU KNOW what they are. Please use these sites to help you with identifying parts of a sentence:
    See the list on the left for specific terms.

    Then please repost and let us know what YOU THINK. Then someone will be able to comment on your answers.

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    Thank you for the links...they did kind of help.English is just very hard for me to get an understanding of...I get so confused!But again Thank you and i will keep trying to figure things out from those two sites.

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    You're welcome. Be sure to re-post with what you believe the answers are, and then one of us here will be able to help you.

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