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I'm totally stuck on this problem!!


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    This probably should have been written as

    Try factoring 2a^2 +13a -7 into
    (2a -1)(a+7)
    and 3a^3-27a into
    3a(a^2-9 = 3a(a+3)(a-3)
    and 4a^2 -1 into (2a +1) (2a -1)

    The 3a and (2a-1) terms will cancel.

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    I'm sure the problem is written like this:

    And to divide you multiply by the reciprocal.

    So i still don't get the problem I also know to factor, but I'm stil confused.

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    What you just typed as sure as the problem as written is NOT close to what you posted. Factor, then divide out common factors.

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