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Posted by Soha on Wednesday, August 6, 2008 at 3:34pm.

plz help me on this
1. What was the rumor about how "The Great Fire started?
a. It was started to burn the germs from the plague
b. A careless vagrant started it
c. The French started it
d. It started with the burning of the dead bodies from the plague.

2. The irony about Candide's being allowed to "exercise his liberty" is his being allowed to:
a. choose with which army he wants to fight.
b. decide which of the terrible punishments he prefers.
c. choose which tutor he wants.
d. worship as he wants.
confuse on this one

3. Toward the end of the Enlightenment, progress based on scientific and technological advances began to seem less positive, ushering in the:
a. dark ages
b. neoclassical period
c. romantic period
d. antiprogress period

Thanks for all the help:)

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