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Posted by Soha on Wednesday, August 6, 2008 at 3:16pm.

1. According to Finch in "The Introduction," what does society believe are the "proper" activities for women?
a. politics and voting
b. marriage and motherhood
c. gardening and cooking
d. fashion and dancing
I think it's b or d?

2. The anecdote Boswell relates about Samuel Johnson is:
a. Johnson's undertaking to write a dictionary
b. Johnson being shunned as he waited for Lord Chesterfield
c. the praise Johnson recived after the publishing of the dictionary.

3. The Lilliputian's size is ironic because they are small sized:
a. and broad minded.
b. but physically strong
c. but have huge ambitions
d. and easy going

4. ___and___are the two events that created a state of panic and despair for London.
a. The great fire, queen Anne's reign
b. the great fire, the plague
c. the plague, the glorious revolution
d. the plague, the conflict of religions.
i think it's b?

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