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I am looking for a list of California state taxes.
So far this all I have:
1) Sales Tax
2) Trash tax
3) Electricity tax
4) State income tax
5) Gasoline tax
6) Property tax
7) Federal telephone excise tax
8) Excise tax
9) social security tax
10) environmental tax
11) gift tax
12) real estate tax
13) federal taxes
14) water and power tax
I need seven more. If you know a website please tell me.
Thank you

  • government(taxes) -

    Sales Tax
    Trash tax
    Electricity tax
    State income tax
    Gasoline tax
    Property tax
    Federal telephone excise tax
    Excise tax
    social security tax
    environmental tax
    gift tax
    real estate tax
    federal taxes
    water and power tax

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    Capital gains tax
    Unemployment tax
    State disability insurance (tax)
    Taxes when you sell property
    Taxes when you buy property

    There are undoubtedly others.

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    in addition to the long list you already have, don't forget:

    Medicare tax (taken out of Social Security checks)
    Ttobacco, gasoline and alcohol tax (federal and state), and the value-based tax/fee added to annual CA motor vehicle registration.

    CA has a sales tax on prepared (restaurant or fast) food, junk food (soda pop and sweets), and on newspapers and magazines.

    There is an amusement park, theater and event ticket tax.

    The list goes on and on.

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    Ahhh, yes, Drwls reminds me. California is a state of umpteen taxes, that's for sure!

    Be sure to add the "bed tax" that hotels have to charge, and in some areas that's at the state AND county (and maybe city) levels, too.

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    I do not know if these still exist under these names:

    Truckers have to pay a load tax for commercial use of the roads. I think that's the little tag they have on their vehicles.
    We used to have to itemize our business equipment and pay a tx on that every year. Its different than an inventory tax.

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