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ms. sue can you plz help

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can you help me with this please.
Taking either the constructivist theory of education or the
behaviorist theory of education, write a 700-1,050 word paper in which you describe your
ideals for effective classroom management. In separate paragraphs describe your
approach to classroom organization, motivation, discipline, and teaching styles, given
your current perspective. Contrast each element of this paper with the opposite approach
(behaviorist or constructivist), as you see it.
need help with some ideas and some websites and explain to me better please?

  • Theories of education -

    You have already received responses and good information on this topic, including this post from Ms. Sue:

    Now you need to quit procrastinating and get busy. Start writing. Once you've written out your thoughts, post them (not the question) for comments.

  • Theories of education -

    any websites you know of?

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