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eth. help please

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Ms. Sue please send me some informations that will help me answer those two questions.

What do these statistics reveal about Asian diversity in America?

What do you believe is the future of Asian diversity in America?


  • eth. help please -

    Since I don't know to which statistics you refer, I can only guess that they show that Asian-Americans come from all of the over 50 Asian countries -- China, Russia, Japan, Taiwan, Vietnam, South Korea, Laos, Turkey, Thailand, Myanmar (Burma), India, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iraq, Iran, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Israel, Saudi Arabia, Yemen, UAE, Jordan, Syria, etc., etc. These people represent many different races, religions, and cultures.

    The future of Asian diversity in America? This should be your opinion -- but until 15 years ago I had known only one Asian-American -- an ethnic Chinese boy in my high school class. Since then I have gotten a Filipino nephew-in-law, a 13-year-old "honorary grandson" adopted from Vietnam, and a dear internet friend from Korea. (We met in person for the first time this last weekend).

  • eth. help please -

    the statistic shows asian american, pacific islanders and chinese

  • eth. help please -

    Asian-Americans come from any of the 50+ Asian countries.

    What are these statistics? How do you interpret them?

  • eth. help please -

    Do you understand the word "diversity?"

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