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English/(One Sentence) grammar

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I strongly feel that taking courses like the first-line supervisory training course will compliment my current education, and thus be hired as a police officer or above.

How should I word what is after "education,?" That is exactly what I want to say, but I am unsure if that is the correct way of saying it.

  • English/(One Sentence) grammar -

    Perhaps you could say "and facilitate my being hired as a police officer or above."

  • English/(One Sentence) grammar -

    Sra is exactly right...As you have written that sentence the "course" is going to be hired as a police officer.

  • English/(One Sentence) grammar -

    Be sure to think about what is the subject of which verbs. As you have the sentence written, here are the subj/verb pairings:

    I ... feel

    taking ... will compliment [that should be complement, not compliment]

    ??? ... be hired

    You'll need to rephrase so that it's clear that "I" will be hired; you want to make sure there's no confusion. As it is, the closest subject is "taking," but that doesn't make any sense.

    How will you rephrase?


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