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Posted by Anonymous on Tuesday, July 29, 2008 at 9:25pm.

Given data collected for a liquid.
Equilibrium vapor pressure in torr:
4.6, 17.5, 149.4, 525.8
T in *C
0., 20., 60., 90.

*Find T in K, Find 1/T in K-1 and 1n VP.

*Then make a graph of 1n vapor pressure (1n VP) versus 1/T (where temperature is in units of Kelvins.) Using linear regression analysis (using excel), determine the slope, intercept, r and r squared for the best fit line. Write the equation for the best straight line in terms of 1n VP and 1/T.

*Using the equation you have determined, draw the best straight line among your data points. Show your calculation of the guide points for the best straight line below.

*Determine delta H in joules/mole from the slope calculated in part 1 from linear regression analysis.

*From the equation for the best straight line, determine the equilibrium vapor pressure at 25 *C.

*From the equation for the best fit line, determine the temperature where the equilibrium vapor pressure equals exactly 760 torr, which is the normal boiling point.

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