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Does anyone know why Texas, is the only state that I know of, that has that state pride?
(e.g. "Don't Mess W/Texas" "Everything is bigger and better in Texas", etc. etc.
Just wondering...any Texans out there???

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    I'm not a Texan, but have lived in Illinois and Michigan. It seems to me that most people are proud of their state. Illinois is the Land of Lincoln and the city of Chicago -- "hog butcher of the world." Michigan is proud of bordering four of the five Great Lakes. "If you seek a beautiful peninsula, look around you." We also are (or least were) proud of our auto industry. Look at the intense rivalries of university football teams -- Michigan vs. Ohio State, for example.

    I understand that New Yorkers hardly recognize anything or anyone west of the Appalachians. Many Alaskans look with derision on people in the "Lower Forty-eight."

    Texans may boast louder than those of other states (maybe they are big mouths??)

    Please check back to see if our Texas teachers respond to your provocative question. <g>

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    Soy una Tejana. <G>

    Texans came from early settlers in the southeast before the Civil War and established a Republic. They fought and won their independence from Mexico.
    When they established the Republic, one of the first things they did was set up Land Grant Colleges; so much land was set aside just for that. Texans handshake was their honor. They believed in "neighboring". It has been years since I have lived there, but the values of my upbringing there are the values that I have brought to my classrooms and to raising my three sons... independence, honesty, education, looking after your neighbors.

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    There just isn't any place more beautiful than the Texas Hill Country! In spring the earth is a quilt of wild flowers and the sky is so close you can touch it.

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    Hey y'all,
    Yes, the bluebonnets and Indian paintbrush are beautiful in the spring.
    (Gurublue) You should schedule a visit to the great state of Texas, especially the hill country.
    I met a hairdresser from Michigan who had recently moved to Texas felt that Texans were friendlier and she has no plans to return to her home state.
    I am hoping the other Texan teachers respond with their thoughts.

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