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ist es richtag?

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ich habe du geliebt
ich habe du gevertraut (vertrauen)
aber dich pleite mein
herz in zwei

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    I have loved you
    I have you gevertraut (trust)
    but you broke mine
    hug in two

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    First of all, the word for "correct" is richtig, not richtag.

    GuruBlue's translation is close, but should be:

    I have loved you
    I have trusted you
    but you broke my
    heart in two.

    ("in zwei" in German is usually "entzwei", but means the same thing)

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    Sarah, this is strange German!
    It should be:
    Ich habe DICH geliebt
    Ich habe DIR vertraut
    Aber du hast mein Herz
    entzwei gebrochen (or: Du hast mein Herz zerbrochen)

    Please remember:
    Du (du bist schön)you are beautiful
    Dir (ich gehe mit dir)I go with you
    Dich (ich sehe dich)I see you

    the word "pleite" is referring to a different kind of "broke" - namely
    "penniless" or "out of business"

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    "ist es richtig" means "is it right"
    but if you want to say: "Is THIS right" then you would say: "ist DAS richtig".

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