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Approximate the area under the curve on the given interval using n rectangles and the evaluation rules (a)left endpoint, (b) midpoint and (c) right endpoint.

y=(x+2)^(1/2) on [1,4], n=16

How am I suppose to do this?

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    It looks like they want you to use the trapezoidal rule, which is explained here:

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    Looks more primitive than trapezoids to me, rectangles.
    In each interval, use the y value on the left of that block for the height in part a
    In each interval use the y value on the right of that block for part c (you have already calculated most of them for part a because except for the first one on the left, the left in part a becomes the right in part c
    Now part b is a pain because you have to calculate new values of y in the middle of each interval and for the area of that block use that height times the interval in x

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