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Homework Help: managerial economics

Posted by rich on Friday, July 25, 2008 at 12:39pm.

Question #6
The owner of Taco Joes has estimated that if he lowers the price of a burrito from $2.00 to $1.50, he will increase sales from 400 to 500 burritos per day. The demand for burritos is
A) elastic.
B) inelastic.
C) unitary elastic.
D) perfectly elastic.

Question #7
The demand curve for your product is P = 1000 - 2Q and you have constant marginal cost equal to 400. According to the midpoint pricing rule, your profit maximizing price should be
A) $1000.
B) $400.
C) $300.
D) $700.
E) $450.

Question #8
Suppose that elasticity of demand for your product is 3 and your marginal cost is 12. Then according to the rule for markup pricing on cost you should charge a price of
A) 36.
B) 4.
C) 18.
D) 24.
E) None of the above more information is needed.

Question #9
A loss-making firm stands to gain rather than shutting down so long as
A) average variable cost is greater than marginal cost.
B) price is sufficient to cover average fixed cost.
C) average fixed cost is greater than average variable cost.
D) price is sufficient to cover average variable cost.

Question #10
Spreading the fixed costs of distribution over multiple products is known as __________, whereas the decrease in average variable cost due to the effect of cumulative production over time is known as _________.
A) economies of scope; learning effects.
B) economies of scale; learning effects.
C) economies of scope; economies of scale.
D) learning effects; economies of scale.

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