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Homework Help: finance 3 questions

Posted by Jason on Friday, July 25, 2008 at 9:59am.

Some analysts believe that the term structure of interest rates is determined by the behavior of various types of financial institutions. This theory is called the

A. ANSWER Expectations hypothesis
B. Segmentation theory
C. Liquidity premium theory
D. Theory of industry supply and demand for bonds

A corporationís board of directors:

A. Is selected by and can be removed by management
B. ANSWER Can be voted out by power by the shareholders
C. Has a life time appointment to the board
D. Is selected by a vote of all corporate stakeholders

15. What is your monthly mortgage payment on a loan for $150,000, at 6% for 20 years?

ANSWER: $1,074.65

I used my TI-83 calculator. N=20*12; I%=6%/12; PV=150,000; PMT=0; FV=0

solve for PMT = -1074.646...the negative represents a cash outflow.

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