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I can't think of any that would work. It needs to be 800 words and "Explaining a Concept." It can't be a how-to, and it also can't be a general topic. I thought about talking about catering (I did it for a year) - but what would I write about it?

Any other suggestions for topics?

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    Hi Kat. Well since you've done it before you could talk about your experiences with it, how it was working with customers and other people, wether you enjoyed or not. You can explain how catering works and what you had to do in that job.

    you can also google "essay topics" and go to the first website on there.

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    Here are suggestions for an 800 word...

    How to diaper a baby.

    How to load a dishwasher.

    How to download and print pictures with Windows XP.

    How to change the oil in a car.

    How to prepare for a test.

    How to apply facial makeup.

    How to color ones hair.

    Keep it simple in 800 words.

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    I can't do a how-to, it's an automatic F.

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    Since you catered for a year, what were your guiding principles for this job? I'm sure you wanted to provide appetizing, attractive, and good-tasting foods for your clients. Beyond that, did you stick with your own specialities? Or did you try to adapt your specialties to your clients' tastes? Did you specialize in any particular kinds of foods -- like fresh, locally grown, Italian, French, etc.?

    I suggest you write about your concepts of catering.

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    These sites may help you develop your concept paper.

    These sites may also help you.

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    (Broken Link Removed)

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