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Homework Help: Accounting

Posted by stuckinmath on Tuesday, July 22, 2008 at 7:14pm.

I need to prepare a cash flow statement and determine total cash inflows and total cash outflows.

Rent for the month $650
Monthly take home salary $1,950
Cash in checking account $450
Savings account balance $1,890
Spending for food $345
Balance of educational loans $2,160
Current value of automobile $7,800
Telephone bill paid for the month $65
Credit card balance $235
Loan payment $80
Auto insurance $230
Household posessions $3,400
Stereo equipment $2,350
Payment for electricity $90
Lunches/parking at work $ 180
Donations $70
Home computer $1,500
Value of stock investment $860
Clothing purchase $110
Restaraunt spending $130

Here is what I have thus far
Income (cash inflows)
Salary $1,950
Stock investment $860
Cash Outflows
Fixed Expenses
Rent $650
Telephone $65
Loan payment $80
Auto insurance $230
Total fixed outflows $375
Variable Expenses
Lunches/parking at work $180
Restaurant spending $130
Clothing $110
Donations $70
Electricity $90
Food $345

I need some help categorizing the remaining expenses. Thanks in advance for your help

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