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People are changing everyday because of the changes in this world. The economy changes everything that we have become accustomed to,like the way we spend our money, and the choice to become adjustable to whatever the situation is.
I use to buy over three hundred dollars in groceries and it would last for that month, now the groceries don't last because of inflation.Although i spends $300.00, I only receive half the amount of food. I can't enjoy the foods i use to, because its too expensive. This is an example of adjusting to inflation.
Yesterday I went to the bank and they refused to give the amount of money i requested. Although it my money, I can only get what the amount they wanted me to have. Here is another adjusting situation. I don't have to know or like when these changes happens, I just have to adjust to what the world wants me to do. Truefully, I don't like it. This change is causing people to the very opposite of what they use to do. The positive situation is where people change without any retalation, but what about the negative? In the beginning I stated that" the economy changes what we have become accustomed to" and it has due to inflation, everywhere around the world prices are regular increasing. People have to choose to pay a bill or feed thier children. (Please help me by doing what you all do best)Tell me what i need to improve.

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