March 28, 2017

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Where can I find some informations on three different types of ocean water Please ,

  • science need info please - ,

    Please check your text to see what are three different types of ocean water.

    These sites may help you.



  • science need info please - ,

    Ms. Sue how are you?

    here is the question below:

    Provide at least three freshwater and three ocean water resource challenges
    Choose one fresh or ocean water resource challenge and describe in detail why the issue has become a problem and how human activities have contributed to the problem.

    ps. I have been reading the text, but it does not specify the three different types of ocean water.

  • science need info please - ,

    I'm great, thank you, Rose. How are you?

    Your question asks for water resource CHALLENGES. My previous answer to this question may help you.


  • science need info please - ,

    Ms. Sue,

    which one of those can be considered as freshwater resource challenge

    too much water - Flood
    too little water -
    poor quality water

    point source pollution
    non-point source pollution

    these are the terms that I found in the text since they asked me for three freshwater resouce challenges. Please let me know I am about to pull all my hair.

  • science need info please - ,

    Oh, please -- don't pull out your hair! Bald women aren't very attractive! LOL!

    These are the main freswater resource challenges:

    too much water - Flood
    too little water - drought
    poor quality water - pollution

  • science need info please - ,

    Thanks a lot Ms. Sue.

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