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education-need help plz

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Explain the responsibilities a teacher has in Student safety on field trips. Does a teacher have responsibility to limit their rights? Identify the rights and responsibilities a teacher has. How will your responsibilities as a teacher influence the rights of students? Is it fair to infringe on students' rights for the sake of the learning environment? Why or why not?
Then describe a situation in which the students’ rights might override a teacher's responsibility to maintain a safe learning environment

not sure on how to start

  • education-need help plz -

    Thank you for using the Jiskha Homework Help Forum. Not only is there concern for the student's (students') safety but also for the teacher. On Field Trips I used the buddy system so no one would get separated. In the classroom, for example, if the light was shining in a student's eyes, and because they wouldn't ask, it was my job to arrange the blinds on the windows. During earthquakes they knew "drop and cover" because we had huge swinging lamps that could fall. Here are some interesting sites to visit:




    4. (from the Library of Congress):

    You can find many more examples by using GOOGLE, entering "student & teacher safety) for example.

    It certainly helps to know your students and for them to know that you only want the best for them. A Chinese student who happened to be a gang member flashed a butterfly knife one day and said "give me an A or I'll run you through." Knowing that he had a kind heart, I said "then you'll have to run me through because I can only give you what you earn." I also told him to put that knife away or I'd have to turn it into the administration. He put it away and ultimately earned an A anyway!


  • education-need help plz -

    P.S. How to start? Do the research first. Organize what you will write with an outline. Have a good thesis statement that will catch the reader's attention. Write your essay. Wait at least one day so you can proofread carefully. If you need further help on thesis statements, outline, etc. just ask!


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