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How do I use the product rule to solve these two questions. Much appreciated! xo

Find the derivative for k(x) = (5x4 + 2)(3sin x)

Find the derivative for m(x) = -ex cos x at x = 1

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    First familarize yourself with the "product rule" for derivatives.
    For a product of two functions, which I will call
    f(x) = u(x) * v(x),
    the derivative of the product function is
    df/dx = u dv/dx + v du/dx

    For your second question, let
    u(x) = -e^x and v(x) = cos x
    du/dx = -e^x and dv/dx = -sin x
    df/dx = -e^x cos x + e^x sin x

    Now you try the other one

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