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Create an outline of the risk of using Malathion according to the four steps of risk
assessment presented in Ch. 4, p. 73, Figure 4.1:
o Hazard identification
o Dose-response
o Exposure
o Risk characterization
· Decide your vote for the city council based on your outline.
· Write a 700- to 1,050-word paper that presents your evaluation of the risk of Malathion
based on your outline. Explain the reasoning for your vote based on the four steps of risk
assessment. Consider any relevant political, social, and economic aspects involved.

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    Since we don't have access to your text, we really can't be of much help. We'll be glad, though, to comment on your outline and paper after you've written them.

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    A common mistake when writing this sort of paper for the first time is to muddle up hazard and accident. Try to be clear in your writing what is the hazard each time. It is possible to get distracted by the many possible accidents.

    Hazard is the potential to cause harm to a person or the environment.

    A bottle of malathion on a shelf is a hazard. Two possible accidents are

    1. someone consumes the contents.
    2. the bottle drops on someones head.

    Two possible hazard controls could be:

    for 1. and 2. store in a locked cupboard

    and for 2. store below head height.

    Hope this helps.

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    thank you for the tip

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