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The known molar volume of gases is 22.4 L at standard condition. Calculate the molar volume under standard conditions from your data.

I am not sure what the instruction asks. By molar volume, does it mean convert moles to volume.
Like this:
(.004 mol O2)(22.4 L O2/1 mol O2)
=.0896 L

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    Apparently you have done an experiment in which you have the number of mols of some gas that was generated along with the volume it occupied at STP. I assume you have correctly that to standard conditions. Let's just say you generated 0.500 mol of gas at STP and it had a corrected volume of 11.2 L, then you would have
    11.2 L x 1 mol/0.500 mol= ?? molar volume (that is, the volume of 1 mol).

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    I posted the above response to the original question. Sorry I didn't type in my screen name.

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    This is the lab (determination of gas constant) I provided the link in the previous post. I'm not sure if you used the volume I obtain. Can you explain to me how to find the molar volume? Is what I did correct or is what DrBob22 did corect? Thanks!

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